A Retirement Manifesto

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I DON’T NORMALLY JUST TAKE OTHER BLOG POSTS AND REPOST THEM.  That would be really lazy – and I like to develop my own.  But I came across an overview of retirement preparations that was well done.  So I decided to be lazy! 

THERE ARE SOME BLOGGERS WHO DO A WONDERFUL JOB OF WRITING ABOUT RETIREMENT. This particular post provides a great breakdown of how to prepare for retirement as you close in on it.  And I think it is always better to get these ideas from someone who is living it instead of a firm trying to sell you investment products.

THE BLOG IS THE RETIREMENT MANIFESTO.  Here is the article – 5 steps to take within 5 years of retirement.  I think #1 is the most important – by far.  Then #5.  Let me know what you think.  

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