Market Panic and Retirees

The period of 2008 and 2009 was a scary time for many investors. If you don’t remember it well, many investors panicked in the period now referred to as the Great Recession. The markets and [...]

Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Most investors set a target asset allocation for their investment accounts.  Normally this is the amount invested in stocks and bonds.  (Even though other assets could be a part of the mix as [...]

Investing from Ground Zero

Ready to start investing?  Excellent!  This is good. If you have done some research you may have an idea of what you want to invest in.  Your confidence in your plan may be strong or you might [...]

Interactive Broker’s Fees

Many of my clients use Interactive Brokers.  It can work well as a broker for expats that want a low-cost account to setup their own investment plan. But IB is designed for traders so it can be a [...]