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I RECEIVED A FLYER IN THE MAIL TO PARTICIPATE IN A “RETIREMENT SURVEY.”  It was from a large local advisory firm here in the Twin Cities – Wealth Enhancement Group.

FOR THE RECORD, I WASN’T SUCKED IN.  I knew what this was about.  It was a stupid marketing program.  However, I wanted to see how it would unfold. How would they try to get me.

I ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS ON THE SURVEY AND RETURNED IT IN THE ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.  They were all general questions about how I feel about my retirement future.

I JUST RECEIVED THE FOLLOW UP LETTER.  They thanked me for participating in the survey.  They also sent the information they had promised to send me.  It is titled 7 Things Your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Want You to Know.  In other words, reasons why your current advisor is awful and why you need our help.

THEY ALSO REFERENCED HOW THE SURVEY UNDERSCORED AN IMPORTANT POINT.  What is the point?  The importance of professional help.  

THE REST OF THE RESPONSE ALL REFERS TO THEIR BUSINESS.  How I can work them to get a second opinion, which I am sure will tell me how much I need their help, and how important this complimentary review will be towards my future.  They included two glossy marketing pieces on the value of working with the Wealth Enhancement Group.

WHERE ARE THE RESULTS OF THE SURVEY?  Are there even any?  Will they send me copies?  Maybe they sent the results of the survey out in a press release and it has been picked up by many news outlets and I just missed it. By the way, do we all really need another survey on our attitudes about retirement?  

THIS IS CLASSIC FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETING NONSENSE.  They try to sound as if they are providing an interesting service and information however the whole objective is to simply sell their services.   I am sure some people actually get sucked into this but I hope most understand how phony this is and how it represents the values of this organization.

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