Have you read Andrew Hallam’s great books, attended his presentations or visited his website?  Are you a Global Expatriate looking for financial and investment guidance?  If you are, PlanVision’s experience and guidance can help!

Expats face unique challenges.  It can be difficult to use or even find a brokerage platform, understand how taxes will impact your investment decisions, and invest in low-cost index funds or ETF’s.  And as Andrew has documented in the Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing many of the products used by expats throughout the world are riddled with outrageous fees.

With PlanVision, you pay only $96 for 12 months of investment guidance and full financial and retirement planning.  No commissions, revenue sharing, assets under management charges, or referral fees.  We can help you simplify your investments and reduce your fees.

Visit the PlanVision Workshop to learn more about our $96 program or Andrew’s blog to hear from our clients!

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