Gravie: An Alternative to Group-Based Health Insurance


I recently came across a young Minneapolis-based firm that my caught attention.  My wife works at a small non-profit and she is evaluating their group-based health plan.  In her evaluations, she reached out to Gravie.  As I learned more about how much they could help her organization, I was excited about how they could help our Family set-up our health care plan.

I also became more interested in how they are poised to help small to mid-sized employers – the kind of clients that we work with as well.  I think they are an interesting story and represent an exciting development in how employers can shop for and improve their health care insurance benefit for their staff while providing quality, personal service to the employees.  Andy Minnich, who works in sales at Gravie, agreed to share more about the Gravie story.

Thanks for your time, Andy.  We really appreciate it. 

Can you briefly describe what Gravie does?

Gravie helps businesses move their employees from traditional group-based health insurance to individual plans. We help employees shop for, buy and manage their plans, apply for government tax credits and use money from their employer to pay for health insurance.

How long has Gravie been in business?

Gravie launched in November 2013 at the beginning of the 2013 open enrollment season.

Can you characterize what would be a good candidate client for Gravie?

Gravie is a no-brainer for nearly every company with less than 50 employees, and often makes sense for companies with less than 100 employees. We also work with companies that have more than 100 employees. Gravie works across all industries.

What do you help your clients accomplish?

Gravie helps employers save money (typically 20-40%), eliminate the hassle of a group plan (paperwork, compliance issues, general headaches), and provide employees a much better healthcare experience (year-round help is available for free to all Gravie members — it’s like having a personal concierge for health insurance).

Describe what one of your client’s employees’ experience might be when they work with Gravie.

  1. Employees are introduced to Gravie through a kick off meeting led by Gravie’s account management team. Employees learn who Gravie is, what they need to do to pick a plan, and how Gravie can help them throughout the year.
  2. Gravie sends communications and reminders to employees to encourage them to pick a plan before the deadline.
  3. An employee can shop entirely online using our plan comparison tools and recommendations or they can call a Gravie advisor and shop with assistance over the phone.
  4. Once an employee picks a plan, a Gravie advisor submits the employee’s application and gets any outstanding information to the health insurance company.
  5. Once an employee is enrolled, they can contact a Gravie advisor at any time of the year for help managing their insurance. We can help with questions like, “Why was my claim denied?” “Is my doctor covered?” “How much with this prescription cost?”

What are the specific benefits to your clients’ employees of working with Gravie?

  • Save Money: on average, employers save about 20-40% over traditional group plans when they work with Gravie.
  • Eliminate Hassle: we help your employees with healthcare, so you don’t have to. No more annual renewals, open enrollment meetings, endless rate increases and dealing with insurance companies. We’ll also take care of getting the money you provide your employees to them.
  • Better Experience: instead of offering 1-3 plan options, you can give your employees access to hundreds of different plans to choose from. Plus, we’ll help your employees with any health insurance-related questions they have, at any time of the year.

Can Gravie currently work with any employer in the country?  If not, what are your limitations?

Yes, we can work in all 50 states. However, employees will only receive the full web experience if they live in Minnesota, Indiana or Florida. We are expanding to additional states in early 2015.

If an employee lives outside of these three states, we will do plan research for them based on their wants and needs. Then we’ll deliver a few plan options for them to choose from.

How can an employer contact you and how would you suggest that a prospective employer evaluate Gravie?

You can contact Gravie by emailing, calling 612-355-1590 ext: 3 or filling out this form.

After contacting us, we’ll gather some information about your current group plan and complete a financial analysis to calculate the cost savings of switching to Gravie.

Editor’s note:  This is not an endorsement.  We have no business relationship with Gravie and do not receive any compensation from Gravie.  We are just interested in what they do and how it may help smaller employers!

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