“If You Can: How Millenials Can Get Rich Slowly” by Bill Bernstein

This “book,” if you can call it that, has gotten attention from some corners of the financial services industry.  While you may not be familiar with Bill Bernstein, his work has influenced many investors. Most advisors and brokers would say in a bad way, but I believe in a very positive way.

Written for millenials, many of the themes apply to people of all ages.  Two things that struck me about the book.  First, his recommendation that you only need to invest in 3 funds.  Fantastic!!  Put 1/3 of your money in a total us stock market fund, 1/3 in a total international stock market fund, and 1/3 in a total bond market fund. Awesome.  I agree completely.  It really is that simple.  Do this and in the long run you will be better off than the vast majority of investors.

Second was his advice to avoid almost all “finance professionals.”  I couldn’t agree more – and I suppose I would be considered a “finance professional.”   I need to come up with another way to describe the work I do…

Anyway, the book is a whopping $.99 on Amazon.  If you have a dollar and 15 minutes, it is an excellent investment!