After almost 20 years in the industry, we wanted to work with people on our own terms. The conflicting agendas, over-hyped products, and dubious sales and advisory tactics that dominate the financial services industry provide us an opportunity to offer guidance in a better way.  So we created PlanVision – a refreshingly candid, ethical and innovative alternative.  Now we apply our energy and effort towards straightforward, useful guidance and fantastic customer service – not corporate quotas. PlanVision is dedicated to helping smaller employers provide a better future for their employees!


Our View of Retirement –

Our view of the future and how we are aging informs how we work with our clients.  And even though we use the term retirement, we believe it is essentially obsolete.  For many people, the conventional idea of retirement will not be desirable and for others not financially feasible.  Instead, we help our clients strive for financial independence and personal flexibility – however they define it.  While we face significant challenges, our increased longevity offers more opportunities than before.  Our intentions are to help people continue to grow as they move into their mature years, lead full and complete lives, and have realistic expectations of what is possible.