These testimonials are provided by clients of PlanVision.   Our clients are not compensated for providing testimonials.  These testimonials are not indicative of all clients’ experiences with PlanVision.

Mark and Jason have helped me enormously during my transition into retirement. They have both given me the confidence to live the same lifestyle I lived while working. Their advice has helped me set up a plan that is working great for us, even in this down market. They’ve also helped me realize that it is not a bad thing to begin spending in retirement and to enjoy a good lifestyle. Thank you PlanVision for taking the stress out of retirement planning.  –Linda Devlin

The services provided by Mark and his team have been very useful to build a portfolio of low cost investments. I am very glad I found PlanVision to start my journey on ETFs and bonds, as Mark is always willing to assist me in purchasing and clarifying any questions I have.  –Rafael Garcia Abreu

Mark and his team take the mystery out money management. You really can do this yourself, with a few basic tools… a willingness to invest time to educate yourself, the discipline to spend less than you make over time, and the PlanVision service.
You could very well spend more on one engagement with a “Professional Manager” than a decade long subscription to PlanVision!  –David Walker

Our experience with PlanVision was very rewarding and the results exactly what we hoped for. I appreciate Mark’s approach to financial advisement. He listened to our goals, answered our questions, and provided us with a clear, personalized investment plan that we could follow. After our meeting, I recommended that my aunt sign up for Mark’s services. At her request, I sat in on her meeting with Mark. Again, he listened, answered her questions, and put forth a personalized plan that alleviated her fears and helped her make investment decisions that she is comfortable with. Mark’s expertise exceeds what he charges. He saves his time for advising by providing step-by-step instructions for clients to enter their own information into the e-money program. I highly recommend his services.  –Cheri Frame

I have been a Plan Vision client for the last two years and greatly appreciate the support, tools, and guidance provided by Mark and his team. The Plan Vision structured, focused, low-cost approach works especially well for me. It provided the needed structure to my DIY planning with tools, guidance, and support. Their guidance on critical questions was specific and was based upon my needs and situations. The entire Plan Vision team is competent, efficient and pleasant. They are especially skilled in going beyond the white noise and reducing complexity and in helping create financial plans that is relevant, simple, clear, and effective.  –Sundeep Verma

I reached out to Mark about a question I had on 529 plans. He promptly responded back with answer and then later sent another email just checking up on how me and my family were doing. It was a separate topic that we had discussed during a prior meeting. That was a very nice gesture, spoke to the fact that Mark is thorough and went back and reviewed our situation before giving advice as well as that Mark is sincerely invested in his clients.  –Shreyas Gangadhara

Mark does an excellent job in guiding my investments in a profitable way! He is very personable and caring in dealing with me. I appreciate his kindness and patience!    –Beverly Blumhoefer

I have been working with Jason Lynch over the past year and have found him to be a fantastic advisor. I am quite new to investing and Jason patiently and clearly explained the ins an outs of investing and using Interactive Brokers. I’m very happy with the service PlanVision provides.  –Valerie Richards

Working in international education, one does not consider financial security or planning for retirement as a top priority. However, a chance workshop with pension planning brought Mark Zoril and Plan Vision onto my horizon. Joining PlanVision has given me a complete sense of confidence, peace of mind and trust in getting sound advice about retiring. It helps that Mark’s thinking is aligned with my experience about financial markets.  –Elizabeth Philip

We are so fortunate to have the PlanVision team help us with our finance! They are extremely thorough when evaluating our financial situation and provide honest and practical advices. The system is very easy to use and provide a panoramic view of our financial health. All team members are super knowledgeable, professional, and very patient. We feel so relieved that we have a team guide us through when making important decisions about our retirement and wealth management.  –Shu Peng

My experience with PlanVision has been excellent. I was one of those people who wanted to invest in the markets for years but was too scared to do so. I read Mark’s books and took the plunge. Mark was very welcoming and provides calm reassurance. Now I wish I had have gotten in sooner. To anyone on the fence, go ahead and start with PlanVision. You won’t regret it.  –Ruairi McKeegan

Coming into an expat situation, with some background knowledge and a retirement plan, I was recommended to take up a subscription to PlanVision by a friend – with some knowledge in this space. I was not disappointed – the team set up very speedy, very tailored discussions that got straight to the point and allowed me a lot of 121 face-time with the principals. We built a plan, verified and stress tested it – and Mark personally followed up on several pension transfers I was making, to support my strategy. Highly recommended advisors, and very authentic people. If you are new to the investing game – start here! They have seen all the cons, the schemes and the high-fee games played by companies to separate you from your hard-earned savings/pensions.  –Ray Burke

This service is unique in the marketplace. It’s for people who worked hard to earn their money and don’t want to fork it over for obvious advice. Advisers used to be able to justify huge fees by claiming they could consistently outperform the market. It’s harder for them to make that claim but the legacy business model persists. Every other advisor I spoke with either wanted cash up front or kickbacks from accounts on the back end. Mark takes the honest approach, one that’s in your best interest. No games, no hidden commissions. Mark and the PlanVision team use the same tools the conventional advisers use, but they make those tools available to far more people for far less money. Fire your robo-advisor! Ditch your target-date fund! The onboarding process took only an hour or so for me and was straightforward. If you believe in indexing and diversification, you’re on your way to being a Boglehead and PlanVision will probably be a good fit for you!  –Michael Benjamin

PlanVision is a convenient way to have expert coaches at your service whenever you need guidance for a fair, flat fee. Their model bucks the “traditional” money management system, which literally saves us thousands of dollars every year; they provide outstanding, timely advice, which helps us feel confident and supported in our planning; and they are lovely, thoughtful people, which makes it a pleasure to interact with them. We’ve referred everyone in our family and several friends and they all agree. Everyone on the PlanVision team is a gem. We are actually grateful to be their clients.  –Julie Vargo

I have used the tool, ran several simulations helped by Mark Zoril, and sought some directional advices regarding managing retirement finances. Notwithstanding the astoundingly low cost, I have always been surprised with the abundance of financial knowledge demonstrated by Mark.             –Subrato S

Excellent very cost-effective option led by a level-headed, sensible and thoughtful, Mark Zoril   –Jerome Greenberg

Plan vision has been the perfect solution for our Financial Advisory needs. They provide superb value while guiding you through the process of investing. They are not motivated by commissions and receive zero reward from our portfolio, as a result, we do not have to think about the motivation behind the advise that is provided. Mark is consistent with his strategies and always provides a very balanced and methodical approach for us to follow. He is accessible if needed and maintains watch over our portfolio to ensure we stay on track with our goals. It is reassuring to have Plan Vision to call on if needed and the fees that they charge will keep me as a long term customer moving forward. By far the best financial advisory support we have had since we started investing 25 years ago.  –Curtis Savidan

I’m very impressed and happy with the PlanVision service. I’m getting a late start and my initial meeting (zoom) with Mark helped put my mind at ease as to what I need to do over the next 8-10 years. The eMoney software allows running different scenarios and many reports to project balances, taxes, withdrawals, and is very customizable as far as changing variables (Mark has them set fairly conservatively, which is probably best!)  –Kenneth Rutt

We have always self managed our investments with index funds and ETF’s. After retirement we struggled with deciding how much we could spend, gift to our children and whether to do Roth conversions and how much to convert. I used multiple retirement calculators, but felt unsure of the varied results. Meeting with Mark Zoril and Jason Lynch gave us a plan and very well thought out spending and Roth conversion advice. Having access to eMoney to visualize changes to our plans has been very useful. I look forward to continuing to have their advice as we proceed through retirement. I hope to purchase their services in the future for our children as they start their careers.  –Renee Dunaway

Since deciding to invest in ETFs I have found Plan Vision to be very helpful. They supported me in the steps to open my account and we’re quick to respond if I was unsure about anything. The encouragement to be independent with buying stocks has been appreciated but knowing there is someone close by to ask for help as needed is comforting, and at such a low cost. Plan Vision have been so patient with me and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. –Ellen Aiad

Mark has provided me with invaluable advice. He has always provided me with the information needed to make an educated and confident decision. The value his organization offers far out weighs the cost. –Matthew Mitchell

I have been working with PlanVision for last 5 years. They have been providing me with valuable guidance over these years with their simple investment philosophy. As a part of their service, they helped me build my retirement plan with a clear path to follow, which has given me peace of mind. Based on my needs and situation I am able get in touch with them via emails/calls to clarify any queries and they respond very quickly with the clear guidance. –Desai Ganesh

Working with PlanVision has exceeded my expectations from the start. Christian was welcoming and very helpful in guiding me through the initial intake process. As a recent retiree, Mark’s review of our financial plan and ongoing advice has proven invaluable. Jason has provided excellent tax planning guidance relevant to retirees which allows me to have more informative discussions with our CPA. Ongoing real-time access to eMoney is a tremendous resource. I highly recommend PlanVision for providing excellent personal financial planning services. –James Katz

When I began thinking about ‘when can I retire’, I looked around for how to do a financial plan. It became clear that there are many assumptions about the future, complicated calculations, and of course including taxes. I found PlanVision through a financial forum and tried it out. Already having my baseline expenses and an outline for my future needs/desires, I put those into the eMoney software and had a discussion with Mark. Mark made the process very easy by focusing on priority items and making good assumptions about the future. He also advised some options to consider. A one hour meeting may not seem like much, but it got me ‘tuned in’ with an initial plan. On top of this, Mark has a line-up of short podcasts covering a variety of subjects you can listen to on demand. And I can also go into my plan anytime and make ‘what if’ adjustments. It is easy to make an appointment to talk with Mark. The biggest thing I learned is that a financial plan is a living plan. Thanks Mark! –Jamie Livingston

We have been a part of Plan Vision since the beginning of 2018. This has been an excellent, value for money service. Mark is always pragmatic and helpful with advice and never steers away from the fundamentals, which is refreshing and reassuring given there is so much ‘noise’ out there in the media and from the so called experts. Listen to enough of his podcasts and you will see the consist themes he espouses. –Brian Ambrosio

Mark and his team provide excellent service and informed, clear, and no-nonsense guidance. By using his financial tools including e-money and his guidance, we have been able to obtain a clear financial picture of our current position, engage in realistic goal setting, and develop a concrete and straightforward plan for college and retirement planning. We were long overdue in engaging in this process, and are fortunate to have found Mark. We have appreciated his realistic and concrete recommendations, without any sales tactics. This is exactly the kind of financial planning service we were looking for to educate ourselves and get our plan in order.  –Sheila Minihane

Mark’s cool and calm tutelage (backed up by simple mathematics) was just what we needed. He reassured us of our investing strategy, which validated our path. Using eMoney to analyze our current and future financial situation is the main reason we were able to stop teaching ahead of schedule. Being able to see how our investments, Minnesota  teacher pension, and social security played out in the future gave us the green light to be able to enter our playtirement years. Plus, he’s been able to give us quick advice over our first months of repatriation. You will not find a better service for your money. –Jay Monson

I started working with Mark back in 2018 after hearing an interview with him on one of the financial podcasts that I listen to.  I was apprehensive before committing to the service since I hadn’t worked with an advisor before.  After our first video meeting, I knew I had made the right choice.  Mark was able to walk with me step-by-step through my financial situation.  He provided sound advice and gave me an overview of where I was big picture, and where I will be in the future if I continue doing the same things.  It was a huge relief knowing that I was on track.  Throughout the years I have emailed Mark one-off questions regarding allocation, different types of accounts, HSA, pro-rata rule, etc…  I am always amazed at two things: 1) the information he provides is easy to understand and 2) he always responds quickly.  I’ve never had to follow up or wonder if he is going to reply.  I love the service so much I have gifted it to Family members.  I can’t say enough positive things about this team.  –Tyler Weerden

Easy set up, very affordable rate, great communication. It makes investment very easy, even for people that are not math wizards. –Marie Whitehead

Working with Mark has been life changing. I found Mark through a Forbes article a few years back and was immediately interested: I am a DIY person that just needs some steering/direction and occasional check-ins or someone to call when I’m about to make an emotional money choice. Mark and his service are truly no non-sense and have empowered me to take control of my financial future. I’m well on my way not to an early retirement, 5 years from now, at about the age of 42 thanks to the turbo charge of Mark’s service. –Jessalyn Dean

I have had a great experience with PlanVision the last 5 years. They are quick to reply to questions and aren’t pushing certain investments. I have a simple investment approach, and their model works perfectly for my needs. I would highly recommend. –Gary Folz

For years we procrastinated about planning for our retirement. Until we heard of Mark at PlanVision. I believe in keeping things simple and that is exactly what Mark did for us. He took all the jargon away and explained financial planning in simple terms, helping us decide on a strategy tailored for us as ex-pats. We already had an established funded trading platform but not invested. He motivated us to get started. Basically, held our hands through the whole process. We started investing in 2017 and to this date, PlanVision has offered us exceptional service, a financial platform to track our progress, and as a PlanVision member, we receive monthly podcasts relevant to current affairs. All for a minimal annual fee. I can now sleep at night confident that our simple retirement strategy will work for us. If I can sum PlanVision up in a few words… I would say they stand for simple investing at a low cost and most importantly I trust them. –Mariette de Waard

Mark and his team are great. They respond quickly to all my questions plus the access to eMoney software is very helpful to track financials.  — Umar Imtiaz

I started using PlanVision (Mark’s services) around 2018. I had been living overseas for many years and knew I needed to save for retirement but didn’t really know the best approach. I found out about Mark via Andrew Hallam’s book “Millionaire Expat”, a well known book for Expats.  Mark has helped me to set up my investments in a simple way that takes into account the complexities of me living overseas. His easy booking system makes it easy to reach out when needed and Mark has always been quick to reply to my needs.  Having used his services for years now, I’m confident in my approach, do I need to keep subscribing to his services, probably not, but I will keep our working relationship ongoing. I have questions from time to time, and with all the horror stories I’ve come across from others. I value Mark and his approach!  –Marshall Creamer

I am a seasoned finance professional. Until I joined PlanVision’s service, I was self-reliant when it came to investing decisions and planning for my retirement. I was doing most things right yet Mark provided some additional insights and improvements.  Now more than a year into retirement, I still find his practical, low-cost approach invaluable and continue to recommend the PlanVision service to friends seeking advice.  The e-Money platform is also a great tool for personal financial planning.  –Dale Willetts

I learned about Plan Vision from my sister, who is an expat in South Korea. Having raised seven kids on one income, we were getting a very late start in investing for retirement. I am very thankful for Mark and his team’s insight and advice in terms of our current finances and retirement strategy. Much of this was new to me, and I was never made to feel dumb with all the questions I asked. The team does an excellent job at providing answers toward the goal of me understanding what is happening with the accounts. They also were very helpful in getting set up with eMoney (to see the big picture) and Vanguard (for the investment accounts). While there is still a long way to go, I am comfortable now with the plan that’s been implemented and am thankful for the encouragement to keep investing in the future.  –Darla Sautter

PlanVision offers clear, straightforward and reliable financial advice. Mark talks to you at your level and gets to the point.  Thoroughly recommended.   –Graeme Boyd

I get unbiased independent advice that is trustworthy, easy to follow and measured.  –Jaafar Shubber

I have worked with PlanVision for both my retirement planning and that of a family member. In both instances I’ve received prompt and excellent advisory service and feel very comfortable with the plans developed by PlanVision. Mark and his team provide a straightforward, efficient service and offer tremendous value compared to other financial planners.  –Michael Garcau

I found out about Mark Zoril about 5 years ago. I was 70 and still working. I didn’t know if I could retire. After talking with Mark, I realized that I could indeed retire, which I did. Since then he has been great in supporting me and educating me.  Besides being a wonderful advisor, he is also a great teacher. Sometimes I think I am his only client because he responds to my emails so promptly. I really don’t understand how he can make his services so cheap and affordable.  Most advisors charge a lot of money and don’t do all that Mark does. I feel real lucky that I found him. I highly recommend him and his services.  –Pari Ellis

I am very much a DIY type of person when it comes to pretty much everything. Very rarely do I hire anybody to do anything and that is the same when it comes to finances. After doing some research I decided to go with Mark Zoril at Planvision.   To be honest the main reason was the price and the fact that they do not sell any products at all.  At the time he charged 189.00 for the first year and then 96.00 every year after that which is WAY less than most advisors charge unless they also sell a product of some sort. For the price my expectations were pretty low but I figured for less than 200.00 and a money back guarantee how could I go wrong so I signed up in September 2021. All in all I am very pleased with his service so far. I feel like he gave both my wife and I the confidence in our plan and the yearly fee is worth having someone on “retainer” to ask questions when situations come up, perform yearly reviews and someone to be there for my wife when I am gone and not try to sell her something.                      –Kevin Vieth

We came to PV already fully embracing the Boglehead philosophy so it has been a perfect fit. We get everything we need and nothing we don’t need for about the same annual cost as a couple sessions with a personal trainer. There is no other advisor model I found that even comes close to the value we get from PV. I like that I have an extremely responsive personal resource that can give me that extra confidence when I have a quick question or just need a “gut check”.  –Charles Shipman

My wife and I started using PlanVision and Mark Zoril a few years ago as we got close to retirement. We find Mark to be brutally honest and very direct and we appreciate his thoughtful suggestions and thoughts. Bang for buck there is no one even close to this program. The set up did take some time but frankly it was very useful to get the whole picture for going forward. I just wish I had even half the money back that we spent with a ” full service ” broker. Yea, that was a waste of time and money. We highly recommend PlanVision to anyone that is willing to listen and do the work. –Eric Thompson

Before Plan Vision, I was doing all my financial planning on my own trying to read and learn as much as I could. Every person has different financial planning needs and, as a federal employee, my situation was different than some others. I felt that I had a good handle on my plan but I also knew that I needed a professional to double-check me and make sure that I really was on the right course as I got closer to retirement. I also knew that I wanted an advisor who was a fiduciary and charged a flat fee. Plan Vision was perfect for me because it gave me a vector check on the things I’m doing and Mark gave me some things to think about for the long term. I’ve recommended plan vision to many family, friends, and coworkers. –Joseph Murphy

I have been working with Mark Zoril and PlanVision for the last several years. I initially chose Mark Zoril through a colleague’s recommendation, and I’m so pleased that I did. PlanVision – in particular, Mark Zoril – has educated me along the way as I transitioned to investing in ETFs and in developing a balanced portfolio that matches my future hopes and needs. He is always just one email away and gets back in a very timely manner. As an expat, I have had unique questions that Mark answers and then uses as a guide to support me in financial choices. I have worked with other financial organizations that left me feeling confused, small, or unheard. Mark has always kept me informed and, thus, empowered to make the most relevant financial decisions for myself. I feel confident in PlanVision’s mission and approach and highly recommend PlanVision to others.         –Karlie Barness

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