Where Will You End Up?

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As you consider your future, you might have realized that retirement is not what it used to be. Or it may not be what you hoped it was going to be.  Or what you thought you wanted it to be may have changed. But how much control do we have anyway?  Our lives are filled with unexpected events and changes that may direct us to a different place. And then maybe back again.  Some people get to retirement without much of an idea of how this new chapter will unfold – others are clear on what they want to do with their future.

What are the possibilities?  What about the 100 year old marathon runner?  An amazing story!  In a recent survey, 95% of people over 65 said that they do not feel old.  The average baby boomer feels 10 years younger than their age.  Also, 70% of prospective retirees expect to work in retirement and more than 50% of those are interested in a new line of work.

Over the years, I have worked with and met several people that continue to move forward later in their life.  They are still looking for growth and challenges; new contacts and new ideas.  Consider some things you would like to accomplish – even if they are modest.  As a financial advisor, I help my clients understand what expectations are realistic and how they may need to adapt in the future.  We try and match what they want to do with what they can do.

Even if you are not where you want to be financially (or not even close), it is important to consider how you will spend your time as you move into retirement. We are living longer than at any point in history.  With this increased longevity, you might be fortunate enough to have the flexibility to do things you had not been able to do – to get closer to living life on your terms.  And don’t overlook the role of work in your future.  (I recently met a 70 year old who just started working at one of my clients – he had tremendous enthusiasm and excitement for his new job.)  This presentation by Ken Dychtwald is an interesting and compelling discussion of why retirement means different things to people.


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