Why should you know about Ken Dychtwald and AgeWave?

I would like to believe that I am not prone to unnecessary superlatives – either personally or professionally.  So I do not think this is one.  Ken Dychtwald’s work is awesome!  I was first exposed to Ken’s work about 10 years ago.  His firm, AgeWave, was providing data to the financial services firm I worked for at the time. Ken subsequently spoke at a conference that I attended.

As a speaker, he is fantastic.  His content is compelling and he sprinkles in good humor along with emotion.  I find his commentary to be very impactful.  Broadly speaking, his work is on how our increased longevity, which is a newer development in the lengthy timeline of civilization, is changing our expectations for what is possible during our lifetimes.  It is altering our view of relationships, the role of work in our lives, how differently we develop and support our families, how we can see our futures, etc…

He also discusses the many different impacts of the Baby Boomer generation on our society – its role in shaping our values and commercialization, etc…  Ken’s work and presentations have certainly influenced my personal plans in addition to how I provide guidance to my clients.   To be clear, I find his insights and the information produced by Agewave to be more valuable in a professional capacity than any information that I have received from the financial services industry!

Here is a great talk from Ken delivered in 2013 at the American Society on Aging – the link is to the video page on the PlanVision site.  Definitely carve out 45 minutes to watch out – I don’t think you will be disappointed.  You can also go to AgeWave to learn more about their work.

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