Financial Industry Speak (Part 2)

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Does this sound like anything you might have heard?  ”We offer the most comprehensive approach in a new paradigm of total portfolio management.  So you don’t have to, we continuously monitor the markets 24/7, using a disciplined rigorous approach and employing dynamic tactical asset management strategies for your benefit, while also bringing strategic asset allocation management to bear on the process.  Our holistic approach relies on top notch research and experienced experts to identify market inefficiencies and capitalize on hard to identify trends.  This is how we deliver amplified risk adjusted returns within a given risk parity framework.  Our forward looking research and due diligence using proprietary modeling maximizes wealth enhancement.”

In case it is not obvious, I made this up.  I am having some fun with how I believe the financial services industry describes the guidance and advice it provides to consumers.  But does this sound a bit like how some firms promote their services?  This would have to be expensive, right?  As you work with your advisor, or the the investment firm that manages your money, I would encourage you to challenge them to explain, in a way you can understand, how they invest and manage your money.

It is your responsibility to verify that you are getting good value for your dollar.  Don’t be fooled by terminology that sounds smart but may not mean much of anything.  One of the quotes on my site is “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,” by Albert Einstein.


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